[sugar] Pyxpcom

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Thu May 10 19:34:11 EDT 2007


so, Mark Hammond answer to the thread on the pyxpcom mailing list is
*very* encouraging.


I think we should really try it. The potential is big (being able to
access the whole mozilla API directly from python open a tons of

Without having played with it a lot, my feeling is that the technology
is mostly there. It just needs to be used and documented to get more
mature and accessible.

The first step is to get it building on the trunk. Bridging it to
gtkmozembed looks trivial then.

Anyone feels like giving this a try? I don't have a lot of time these
days but I'd be glad to give some guidance. Getting this to work might
provide an awesome piece of infrastructure to the project, without a lot


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