[sugar] [patch][connect-activity] Update to high-level API in latest dbus-python

Dafydd Harries dafydd.harries
Wed May 9 09:15:31 EDT 2007

Ar 08/05/2007 am 12:44, ysgrifennodd Simon McVittie:
> "import dbus.glib" causes side-effects (and is vaguely deprecated for
> that reason), I'm just making it more explicit here. This should probably
> be moved to activity.py and gtkui.py though.


> I believe bits of Sugar also import dbus.glib, causing the same magical
> side-effects.

Just because Sugar does it doesn't make it right. ;)

But it's relatively harmless, so I don't really mind where it is.

> > What does this actually do? Does it create a new GLib mainloop? Will it cause
> > odd things to happen if another DBusGMainLoop loop has already been installed?
> It uses the global default GLib main loop, and is harmless to do
> multiple times.

For future reference: there is no default GLib main loop, only a default main

> > > +logging.basicConfig()
> > > +_logger = logging.getLogger('connect-activity.client')
> > 
> > Is this idempotent? The documentation is ambiguous:
> > 
> >   Does basic configuration for the logging system by creating a StreamHandler
> >   with a default Formatter and adding it to the root logger. The functions
> >   debug(), info(), warning(), error() and critical() will call basicConfig()
> >   automatically if no handlers are defined for the root logger.
> > 
> > Does this cause side effects if a handler is defined for the root logger
> > already? (Whatever that means. :P)
> logging.basicConfig() has no effect if there is already a handler on the
> root logger, although this call ought to be in gtkui.py really (Sugar
> already sets up a handler for the root logger).



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