[sugar] No more filenames! (Proposal)

Konrad Kleine Konrad.Kleine
Tue May 8 05:23:54 EDT 2007


I am new to the OLPC project and don't know if there are already 
some proposals in this field.

When starting an application like the paint tool I was asking myself 
the following questions:

Since one tries to replace words with symbols in sugar, why are you 
using the good old save dialogs?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a replacement for this?

If you remove filenames from the user interface but not the files 
themselves (would be too heavy probably), you must still deal with 
files under the hood. Therefore a new naming technique is required.

One could name files by drawing a little symbol and then a small 
emblem is attached to the symbol to identify the file type (e.g. 
a sheet of paper to identify a write file). Internally there still 
can be filenames, but not at GUI level!

Please tell me what you think!


PS: I'm currently studying applied computer science at a German university 
and a group of about 20 people of our class is willing to help!

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