[sugar] having problems creating activities

Emiliano Pastorino emilianopastorino
Sun May 6 13:45:38 EDT 2007

Hi everyone!
I?m trying to install a file manager on sugar, but i?m having difficulties
creating activities. I?ve downloaded the rpms for Xfe and Rox (two file
managers i want to test), installed them, and they work just fine when i
call them from console. Now i want to have an activity for them.

Basically, i?ve copied the RGBPaint activity and modified it. The icon for
the file manager appears on the activities frame, and if you click on it,
it?ll launch the program. But with some issues... it seems that the program
is running for one side, and the activity is running separately. In fact,
the activity is just an empty window with its close button. The only way to
focus on the program is by pressing alt+p, and if you close either the
activity with the close button or the program (File-->Exit Xfe), the other
won?t close. I?m having this problem with every program i want to install,
including Opera with the instructions from wiki.laptop.org.

I looked at the logs and i saw the same error messages, something to do with
Dbus, i don?t remember right now the message, but it?s something like "no
process is responding to xxxxxx activity".

Can anyone tell me what i?m doing wrong? Or if there?s any good
documentation on creating activities on sugar? Because i could only find a
couple of tutorials, but they?re useless (the HelloWorld activity on
wiki.laptop...it?s waaaaay too basic).

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