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As you may read in the previous Post " An Amazing Educator," a
fantastic educator has joined our group. We are looking to work with
her very intensely this summer to implement many of her existing
learning activities and add as many cool activities as we can. In the
fall we plan to visit many, many schools to figure out how kids and
teachers react to these materials.

Right now we have three full-time volunteer developers, all of them
Nepali. We would love four (4) foreign volunteers to come work with us
this summer in Kathmandu. We will pair each foreign volunteer with a
Nepali intern. That should bring our content strike force to 11
people. That would really help us to advance OLPC in Nepal.

We are looking for experienced programmers. Your age and # of
university degrees are less important to us than your passion for
software development. We seek individuals with significant software
development experience on Linux, ideally in Python, PyGames, C, etc.
You should have already run the OLPC image in an emulator.

You should expect to stay in Nepal for a minimum of 6 weeks. You can
stay a maximum of 5 months due to Nepal's complex visa rules. If your
application is selected, you can start as soon as you can get here.

We are prepared to offer a generous salary package of $0 per month,
reimburse you for a full 0% of your airplane ticket cost, and offer no
health plan. We don't have any $ :) Our office, bandwidth, and
computers have all been donated. We can offer comfortable lodging for
a total of four volunteers. We can accept additional volunteers if
they are willing to find and pay for their own accommodation.

We can offer you an opportunity to work w/ a very passionate team of
engineers on one of the most exciting projects in the world. If you
are interested please send an e-mail with your C.V. and a brief
description of what you have done w/ OLPC so far to bryan at olpcnepal
dot org

Unfortunately, summer is monsoon season so Nepal aweseome trekking
isn't a good idea. Still, it's been a weird year weather-wise. We'll
try to get you out for a trek near the end of the summer.

We'll take you running/hiking in the hills surrounding Kathmandu if
you are so inclined and subject you to Ankur's bad jokes (and they are
very bad).

The Work:
You will work closely with our lead developers Shankar, Ankur, and
Himali Kiran and our lead educator Christine Stone. You will help
implement a series of activities based on PyGame and/or GCompris. That
means writing a lot of Python, possibly some C, working with sound
libraries, and more. If you have some exciting ideas for power
management or mesh networking, we may find some time to work on them
w/ you. However, you should expect to spend most of your time building
Sugar activities, getting feedback from Christine, revising, showing
to kids and teachers, repeat.

We will expect you to train the Nepali intern assigned to you. The
intern will most likely be an undergraduate computer science student.

The development team will frequently interact with kids and teachers
over the course of the summer.

We intend to recruit education volunteers at a later date. I'll save
that for a future blog entry.

Bryan W. Berry
One Laptop Per Child Nepal
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