[sugar] [pyxpcom] PyXPCOM viability and OLPC

edward baafi edwardbaafi at gmail.com
Tue May 8 14:12:23 EDT 2007

Hi Marco,

> What we need to do for pyxpcom to be actually useful is to bridge it to
> gtkmozembed. In particular we need to be able to access nsIWebBrowser,
> which gtkmozembed exposes, as a python object. Someone in the epiphany
> team might be able to give some guidance on this too.

I guess I don't understand what the constraints are here..   Ian says
that the current web browser "activity" uses pygtkmozembed which is
lacking in terms of allowing you to customize the experience and thus
was looking for other options..

One option discussed was to build a custom Xulrunner based browser
application, which would give you access to nsiWebBrowser..  The
Democracy Player is one application that uses Xul + PyXpcom and
apparently uses the nsiWebBrowser interface:

You can also build a standalone PyXPCOM as discussed in this somewhat
outdated document: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Standalone_PyXPCOM but
this wouldn't get you access to nsiWebBrowser by default..

My main question is whether you are open to a xulrunner based
application with xul widgets and either javascript or python front end
code as well as your choice of python, c, c++, and java components or
if you're locked into gtk widgets..


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