[sugar] Sugar Interface

Peter Korn Peter.Korn
Wed Mar 28 18:29:49 EDT 2007

Hi Allan,

> I have downloaded the liveCD version of the OLPC 
> <http://olpc.download.redhat.com/olpc/streams/development/LATEST-STABLE-BUILD/livecd/olpc-redhat-stream-development-build-303-20070312_1639-livecd.iso>, 
> successfully run it via virtualBox.  I was impressed by the 
> revolutionary desktop design.
> Anyway, I know that this is not yet final, and some additional features 
> and retouching may be added later. My suggestion would be to make the 
> desktop more colorful that will be more attractive to Children's eyes or 
> can be customized. I like the mouse cursor's design, but other color 
> instead of black will be more attractive to children ...

In addition to thinking about attractive color options, we should keep 
in mind the importance of ensuring that user interface color choices 
don't preclude children with color blindness, and that we can provide 
sufficient choices in color schemes (and in font sizes!) for a range of 
vision impairments.

I've recently put together a lot of information about accessibility 
requirements for OLPC (and really, for computers in general) on the 
wiki, at: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Accessibility  An awful lot of the 
material there applies to what we do with Sugar.  We've also just 
started a mailing list to discuss accessibility issues: 
<accessibility at laptop.org>.  I'd like to invite interested folks to 
participate in the just-now-starting discussion there.



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