[sugar] New developers... how to place them?

Mike Usmar mike
Fri Mar 23 18:15:21 EDT 2007

We are in the process of establishing a developer lab for the OLPC project
here in New Zealand and the Pacific, and we are documenting as we go some
protocol, at least this end that rapidly brings new coders engaging in the
project on board. 

Sourcing the initial activities and priorities on the project requires a
great deal of investigative work, and then getting some fairly good bench
mark knowledge of both code, bugs and indeed the hardware itself quite a
major job, and for that reason we have effectively set up a developer
customer service desk this end - as we model this it may or may not be
helpful for the wider OLPC developer group of engaging hackers coming into
the fold. 

We are meeting with Walter and Jim on the 30 April and will run through the
documentation and what is working this end. It tends to be more than just
wiki, indexing and bug tracking and coming more down to a quick help desk,
customer service - managed by key people with ability to source information
at pace. This can be done electronically too, although not especially for
developers a system like www.jyve.com would be great

Mike Usmar
OLPC NZ/Pacific Development Group

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Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> * We tried to do this with track before. There is still a list of
> tickets but... it has not been well maintained recently:
> Maybe something on the wiki would be easier for people to look at,
> unsure.
As someone who would probably be classed as a "new developer" to the
project I think the "sugar-love" (or equivalent) keyword in trac issues
is a good approach:

   * It's low maintenance--to make it work just requires someone to
     add a keyword in a Trac entry. I _think_ it's also possible
     to auto-generate a list of these in a page in the Wiki if

   * There's a precedent in other large projects:
       e.g. http://live.gnome.org/GnomeLove

   * It encourages new developers to become familiar with project
     infrastructure such as Trac.

My $0.02...


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