[sugar] build problem ("unable to write sha1 filename")

Mike Hunter mhunter
Fri Mar 9 11:05:44 EST 2007

Hey guys,

Tried a fresh git pull and sugar-jhbuild build but I've been getting
this since last night:

*** Checking out artwork *** [8/24]

git pull
Unpacking 37 objects
unable to write sha1 filename .git/objects/40/32b0055a400d82e68387f0cc70200d4d97c5d1: Permission denied
fatal: failed to write object
fatal: git-unpack-objects died with error code 128
Fetch failure: git://dev.laptop.org/artwork
*** error during stage checkout of artwork: ########## Error running git pull *** [8/24]

  [1] rerun stage checkout
  [2] ignore error and continue to build
  [3] give up on module
  [4] start shell
  [5] go to stage force_checkout

-------- -------- --------

I tried mkdir'ing .git/objects/40 but it still doesn't help



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