[sugar] Sophie and the XO

Steven W. Riggins mailinglists
Thu Mar 8 12:48:23 EST 2007


My name is Steve Riggins and I am working on the Sophie project  
(http://www.sophieproject.org).  Along with Michael Rueger and Nick  
Matelan, I have been charged with ramping up quickly on the  
requirements for Sophie running on the XO.  SJ mentioned that this  
was a good place to do as such, so here we are. :)

We are very excited about the possibility of having a role in this  
project!  In order to determine the possibilities, here is a first  
round of basic questions:

language support

   * How many languages does the XO OS support?
   * Are there input managers for getting multi-byte characters from  
the user?
   * Do you require right-to-left rendering for v1?


    * Are you looking for both an Authoring tool as well as a Reader  
on the XO, or only a Reader?  (I like to be very clear about things)


   * How is documentation for software on the XO being distributed?


   *  If you would like to develop books for the XO on Mac/Windows/ 
Linux using Sophie, is requiring the author to use a specific font  
set acceptable?  Opposed to embedded any font in the book (bloating  
books, etc)


   * When do you need a beta version?
   * When is gold master to be delivered?
   * What other milestones would you have for us?


   * Which video library are you supporting on the XO?
   * If you would like to develop books for the XO on Mac/Windows/ 
Linux using Sophie, are there Mac/Windows versions of the library so  
everything would be cross platform?

Storage Space

   * How much storage space would we have for the Application,  
Preferences, caches, temporary files during authoring, etc?

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