[sugar] stable build status

Christopher Blizzard blizzard
Tue Mar 6 18:09:15 EST 2007

Outstanding issues:
- new firmware + autoupdate?
  - richard says that 73 is good enough for now can make an autoupdate
to go with our stable build
- sugar taking up 100% cpu after a while? (john found, mailed marco)
  - mesh view is causing issues
  - marco, dan and john are looking into it and have been fixing things
  - wireless access points keep doubling
- nice scrollbars in the browser are missing in 286?
  - marco will put the theme back
- double check that initial screen works on qemu or machine without a

Fixed issues:
- new wireless firmware that fixes multicast and wireless crash issue
- journal shouldn't start on startup right now (fixed my marco)
- iperf bug fix (from marcelo/andres) (fixed in 286ish)
- not able to log in in qemu build (johnp fixed)
- sugar blocks on service startup (johnp fixed)
- new activity from erikb (done)
- new kernel from andres (done)
- new tamtam from ethrop (done)
- new sugar (should be included from marco)

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