[sugar] Adding 'Collaboration' to an activity

Miguel Álvarez miguel
Thu Jul 26 06:54:30 EDT 2007

Hi Julius,

I don't know if you've already been answered by Reinier, but here it goes

Reinier and I programmed a sharedstate manager while in Cambridge, that
takes care of setting up a tube, and managing shared objects (versioning,
collision, and so on), for generic Python objects. It can be found on git
(/projects/sharedstate), and you can find an example implementation in the
very project folder, and another one in /projects/calculate.

If you're not using some kind of event-based collaboration (which is, for
instance, the type that the memorize activity employs), this might speed up
sharing, as there is almost nothing to programm (just create a sharing
helper, and add the objects to be shared to it).

Mail me if you have any concrete question.



On 7/22/07, Julius B. Lucks <julius at younglucks.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am working on Kuku Anakula (Hungry Chicken), which is an educational
> quiz game for the XO (see wiki.laptop.org/go/Kuku).  In the game, a quiz
> question is posed in the upper left corner of the screen.  The player (a
> chicken) moves around a grid, with each grid square containing a possible
> answer.  The goal is for the player to move to and 'eat' the correct answers
> for the posed questions.
> Currently, Kuku is only a one-player game.  We would like to expand to
> multiple players on expanded grids - either in competition with each other,
> or working together to progress through the quiz questions.  Kuku is written
> in pygame.
> Is there a standard way for activities to implement collaborative elements
> such as this?  Are their standard API's for exchanging data between XO's?
> I appreciate any information that could help me get started.
> Cheers,
> Julius
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