[sugar] clipboard questions

Erik Blankinship erikb
Sat Jul 21 18:00:23 EDT 2007

I would like to put images taken with the camera onto the clipboard.

I am able to put images taken with the camera onto the clipboard this way:

self.clipBoard = gtk.Clipboard(display=gtk.gdk.display_get_default(),
#todo: should probably listen for a CTRL+C callback, but how?
self.clipBoard.set_image( pixbuf )

My questions are:

   1. How do I listen for Control+C events to call
   self.clipBoard.set_image( pixbuf )?
   2. Is there anything else to it?  Images I put on the clipboard now do
   not have either a name or an "Open" menuitem.  Is there a spec somewhere for
   what metadata we should associate with clipboard data?
   3. Is there an example of using drag and drop in sugar to the
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