[sugar] Trial-2 & pushing out bugs...

Eben Eliason eben.eliason
Fri Jul 20 17:07:30 EDT 2007

> 1) bugs that you believe absolutely must get fixed for Trial-2
> 2) bugs that you believe are very important, and for which you think we
> should fix if we can, for which you believe non-invasive fixes are
> doable or in hand.
> 3) bugs we should definitely push later.
> 4) "one liner" cosmetic fixes, with high bang for the buck.  The risk
> had better be very low.

1 -----------------------


2 -----------------------

#2014: This should be a quick fix once I get Marco a screenshot. It
will make sharing more intuitive, and collaboration is important to
this trial.

#1129:  This isn't as essential as the above

3 -----------------------

#1276:  I thought that this was mostly handled in ticket #663, but in
either case, we need full APIs and guidelines on this before it can be
implemented correctly. Related: #1441,  1815.  Jim, please help me out
on the status of these; Thanks.

#1502:  Design aside, this will require a lot of implementation, which
will happen post T2

4 -----------------------

#2148:  If #2014 is done (listed above), this only requires one new icon

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