[sugar] Trial-2 & pushing out bugs...

Jim Gettys jg
Wed Jul 18 16:17:50 EDT 2007

Could each of you working on Trial-2 please go over your assigned track
bugs and reply to this mail categorizing *all* of your bugs into four
bins, by Friday?

1) bugs that you believe absolutely must get fixed for Trial-2
2) bugs that you believe are very important, and for which you think we
should fix if we can, for which you believe non-invasive fixes are
doable or in hand.
3) bugs we should definitely push later.
4) "one liner" cosmetic fixes, with high bang for the buck.  The risk
had better be very low.

All I'd like are the bug numbers, and if it isn't obvious, any comments
you have.  I'd like to keep the rock fetching exercise to a minimum, and
we can have a clearer view of what we have left.

The following URL will help in

This will help me sort through where we stand.
                                          - Jim

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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