[sugar] gtk.Image vs gtk.gdk.pixbuf

Aneto Okonkwo oaneto
Wed Jul 18 12:01:33 EDT 2007


Im a bit new to gtk and have had continuing performance issues with the
activity that we are working on.  I am trying to figure out which uses less
memory gtk.Image or gtk.gdk.pixbuf and how much of a difference? I have done
some tests of my own but its not clear yet.

Also, how can I clear/delete/unref the image or pixbuf once I am done using
it?  gc.collect() doesnt seem to make an impact and I wasnt able to find a
clear description of the syntax for this on the net.  Thanks

~ Aneto

Aneto Okonkwo
BS Management Science & Engineering
MA Education: Learning, Design & Technology
Stanford University
oaneto at stanford.edu
650.906.3961 (M)
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