[sugar] Current state of Trial-2 builds. (and checkin process).

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti
Sat Jul 14 20:06:24 EDT 2007

On 7/14/07, Jim Gettys <jg at laptop.org> wrote:
> 2) if you have a package/bundle that should go in the build, please
> include a change log with references to each bug you are fixing.
> Include it directly in trac; having to excavate your change log out of a
> rpm or bundle is a bit too painful.
> 2) please do not assign bugs to J5 yourself; he's on vacation, and we'll
> approve all changes to the build from here on out.  Right now, we'll
> (Dan Williams I'm also happy to have make these judgements) likely be
> lenient, if your judgment seems sensible. Approval is made when Dan or I
> assign the trac item to Dan Winship (who is our new build tzar), to
> include. The bar will be lifted higher as the days go by.


I'm building several packages every day which goes to the OLPC-2 branch and
hence are included in the builds. How do you want to deal with the approval
process for these? Should I post a ticket and get approval for them before
doing the build?

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