[sugar] Sugar RC3 changes

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Tue Jul 10 19:14:59 EDT 2007


here is a list of changes that I think needs to go in for RC3. They are 
not strictly new features but they are not simple bug fixes either. Let 
me know if you have issues with any of these to go in.

* Land the datastore branch Ben is working. I haven't heard anything 
from him today, so I'm not sure when it will be possible to do so. 
Though I think this is absolutely necessary to get acceptable 
performance for the journal. Right now it takes 4 seconds to fetch 16 
journal items on the XO. Only once this is in we will know how much work 
is left.

* New abiword rpms. The biggest change here is the rewrite of the 
collision handling in the collaboration mode. New code but it's not like 
the old collaboration has been tested a lot so far. This went in 496.

* The new xkb keysyms (#1815) needs to go in asap. We will have to 
refactor a lot of the sugar special keys handling, but we are waiting 
for the new keysyms to do that.

* Bind the power button for suspend. I'm not sure if that blocks on 
#1815 yet or if we can get ohm to handle it. I will have to figure out.

* We have a few bugs with the current intro screen targeted to Trial-2 
and Walter would like to get in the new colors for the XO. I'll try to 
do a basic implementation of the new intro design for RC3 which will fix 
the bugs and use the new colors.


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