[sugar] NEWS files

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Fri Jul 6 05:08:01 EDT 2007


we need to have an entry in the NEWS files for each new release or 
snapshot we get on the images. We should not list there every single 
change we do to the code (that's git log), just stuff which is 
interesting for testers and users.

Here is how I'm going to organize the process for the modules I'm 
handling releases for. Maintainers of other modules are encouraged to 
use the same format.

When you commit something news worthy add an entry at the top of the 
NEWS file. I will add the snapshot number when I release it.

* Put your irc nick at the end of the entry.
* Please be picky about the format so that we don't end up with a mess 
and it's also easily parsable. I will add a sanity check to 
maint-helper.py and activities setup.py at some point to ensure this.
* It's not in the examples before but if you are fixing a ticket add it 
at the beginning of the entry as #12345.

For sugar, sugar-datastore, sugar-artwork, hulahop:

NEWS ---

< Add an entry here >

Snapshot de8b3b4c01

* Use HAL to get battery informations. (marco)
* Improvements in the mesh view layout. (marco)
* Hide the active palette when another popup. (tomeu)
* Icons in the buddy menu items. (edsiper)


For journal-activity, web-activity, xbook, write:

NEWS ---

< Add an entry here >


* Fix refresh issues. (tomeu)
* Fix journal icon in the bottom bar. (tomeu)
* Implement back bar in the detailed view. (tomeu)


Please do it, it will help testing a lot. Also it will be a good way for 
external people and activity authors to track what's going on in the 
sugar land.


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