[sugar] TamTam for Trial-2

Jean Piché jean
Mon Jul 2 11:10:24 EDT 2007

Hello all,

The Trial-2 TamTam is slated for final release on July 8th.

Implemented feature set:

	Mic recording fully functional
	Keyboard recording fully functional
	Save tunes as .ogg audio files
	Variable number of beats per page
	Play Loop facilities
The following features will depend on Mesh and Journal stability/ 
usability over the next few days:

	Network synchronisation for TamTamJam (many machines can improvise/ 
play together on a shared pulse)
	Some Journal functionality to save and load TamTam tunes

Not implemented

	User interface is not Sugar compliant.
	The new and final design for TamTam will be unveiled later this  
summer and will be three distinct activities.


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