[sugar] Re: Please update to build 139

Mitch Bradley wmb
Wed Jan 24 20:20:38 EST 2007

> Actually, the autoupdater is supposed to work with LinuxBIOS too.  But 
> you have to know how to make LinuxBIOS boot from a USB key.  The way 
> to do that is to type the ESC key when you see the progress bar.  That 
> will get you to a graphical menu.  Use the arrow keys to select the 
> picture of a USB key, and it should boot the updater from the USB key.
> The USB key will have to be formatted with an ext2 filesystem.  
> LinuxBIOS does not include FAT support.
One more thing:

Since you are using a ROM instead of SPI FLASH, the verify step at the 
end of the firmware update process will report an error.

However, that error is not real.  The erasing and writing parts of the 
update process use a "back channel" to the SPI FLASH and will work 
correctly, but the verify step just does a memory to memory compare, so 
it will compare the RAM copy of the new firmware image to the data that 
is in the PLCC ROM.  That won't match.

If you then turn off the power, remove the PLCC ROM, and power back on, 
everything should work.

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