[sugar] Re: Etoys git size

Bert Freudenberg bert
Mon Jan 22 11:33:54 EST 2007

Am Jan 22, 2007 um 15:09  schrieb Marco Pesenti Gritti:

> Hello,
> Etoys git keeps growing in size because of the etoys.image.gz history.
> How can we solve this? Maybe download the image at some build stage
> rather than checking it in git?

Well, I certainly know the problem. I brought up the issue a few  
month ago, when it was not as bad yet.

It would be very unusual to not have everything you need to build a  
core activity on laptop.org, right? The easiest thing would be to  
make git actually do something sensible like check out only the last  
version. I tried git-tar-tree which supposedly does just that, but  
couldn't make it work with the --remote option. Maybe some git expert  
can advise what to do?

Alternatively, we might switch to a more general SCM, like  
subversion. The problem would just not exist there. Would you be  
willing to host a subversion repository on dev.laptop.org? I'd rather  
not make the build depend on even more servers.

- Bert -

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