[sugar] [Fwd: Need Help on creating SMALL/Delta O.S. Builds] (schedule related)

Jim Gettys jg
Fri Jan 5 10:02:19 EST 2007

Read the following note from Mark Foster: the earthquake south of Taiwan
has had serious impact on the ethernet.

We need to hit our dates one day earlier on the system image as a result
(I'm less concerned about firmware; it is so much smaller).

Ivan is worrying about tools to help with the data transfers of the
larger images.
                              - Jim

Hi, Folks,

We're facing a very interesting infrastructure challenge here for our B2
build.  As most of you may have heard, the recent earthquake near Taiwan
damaged most of the primary trans-Pacific fiber routes, leaving China 
with extremely poor Internet connectivity.  We're facing the reality of 
that situation now, where we typically can't exceed 2-3KB/s throughput 
on downloads.  Interestingly enough, uploads from here are actually 
quite fast, presumably due to the asymmetrical traffic flows between 
China and the U.S.A.

As you might expect, downloading our typical large 120+MB O.S. images 
isn't something we can do routinely.  We've looked into a variety of 
options, including the bsdiff/bspatch programs, which would presumably 
let us send binary differences between O.S. builds.

An easier route might be to ensure that the release occurs at least 24 
hours in advance of when we need it, during which time we might be able 
to download a full O.S. build. 

Please start thinking this over, for it looks like China won't be
the fiber lines in time to solve this "the right way"!

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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