[sugar] Software schedule for B2 build and call for activities and content.

Martin Sevior msevior
Tue Jan 2 00:43:59 EST 2007

On Wed, 2006-12-20 at 16:37 -0500, Jim Gettys wrote:
> It looks like the BTest-2 build will be near the end of January. I'll
> probably have better information sometime next week and details below
> are subject to change.


> Week of January 1: CaFE ASIC and first boards are built for BTest2. Any
> driver changes or fixes will have to be shaken down, both for the
> firmware and for Linux.
> January 2: Requests for new activities/content due.
> January 4: Decisions on new content requests.
> January 4: All packages/bundles for initial base level due.
> January 5: Initial base level starts integration
> January 8: Integrated build available
> January 12: All updated packages/bundles for initial base level due.
> January 14: Final firmware for BTest-2 to Quanta for testing.
> January 14: second base level of integrated build for testing.  Only 
>     serious bug fixes after this date. Testing at OLPC and Quanta
>     during the week of January 15.
> January 21: final system image to Quanta for production.

OK, it's Janurary 2nd here in Australia so to be clear, I propose that
that the new python wrapped AbiWord widget be included in the b2 build.

Marc has a working version in jh-build.

For your information the python wrapper now has methods for content
extraction via

(bytes, length) = AbiWord.Canvas().get_content_all(char * mimetype)


(bytes,length) = AbiWord.Canvas().get_content_selection(char * mimetype)

Which return either the entire document or the current selection in the
format given by "mimetype". "mimetype" is either the mimetype eg
"text/rtf" or the commonly used file extension eg ".rtf". If the
mimetype is unrecognized or not implement the content is return in *.abw

These methods are also available via the properties mimetype, content,
selection and data_length and of course via the regular C-interface to

abi_widget_get_content_all(AbiWidget * abi, char * mimetype, gint *

abi_widget_get_content_selection(AbiWidget * abi, char * mimetype, gint
* iLength)

This is available for any other application in OLPC that needs a rich
text widget accessible through python.

The next missing piece of the writing specification that will be
implemented is the pop-up floating toolbar. Marc has code for this
already in place and it should be ready by the end of the week, provided
we can work out how to make C++ plugins load in the python-wrapped

If there is anybody with experience on how to do this please get in
contact with Marc, myself or the AbiWord community
(abiword-dev at abisource.com)



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