[sugar] Update.1 schedule & trac usage... ***Please Read**

Jim Gettys jg
Thu Dec 27 11:02:53 EST 2007

Predictably, lots of people are on vacation, making the following
problem critical, as it is difficult for me to query people individually
on status as it might be at other times:

Trac's (current) workflow is poor: we've had no good way to see what
bugs are "fixed" even if not in an update.1 build.  Noah Kantrowitz is
working on fixing this for us. There are much better workflow facilities
now available in trac, so we can have an "in QA state" and an "incoming
bug, not yet confirmed" state to help both QA and initial triage.  This
should help future releases, but I suspect changing horses now would be

But this problem, in concert with people being out on vacation, means I
lack good insight on key bugs left to fix for Update.1.  And a few more
nasty bugs have surfaced, of the variety that need some
implementation/testing (e.g. filling nand).

So I think we need to slip Update.1 a week or two.  

1) As a stop-gap measure for the Update.1 release (until we have the
better workflow available) to help the visibility of bugs left for
Update.1, *PLEASE* go through your bugs, and if you have *tested* them
as fixed in Joyride, please close the bugs.  The "verified" flag should
only be you've also verified it fixed in an Update.1 build.  Once we do
hit real code freeze, we can use the verified flag to let us all go
systematically through the more serious bugs to see if they've remained
fixed in the Release candidate builds we intend to ship.

2) please continue *ONLY* uploading packages fixing bugs intended for
Update.1 until further notice.  This should have already been clear to
everyone, but it can't hurt to say it again.

3) I think we'll do one more refresh of activities to pick up more
translations, given the extra time.

https://dev.laptop.org/roadmap has the roadmap and schedule.

			Thanks again for all your hard work,
                                        - Jim Gettys

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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