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Michael Burns maburns
Wed Dec 26 22:05:42 EST 2007

We've had a few questions with the "don't know if this is the right place to
post this..." type questions posted to Sugar and Devel the last couple
weeks. It turns out, there *is* a right place for most of those questions,
and I wanted to tell all the OLPC hackers, volunteers and enthusiasts out
there about where that right place is: the Community Support forum[0], and
accompying IRC channel #olpc-help (with web interface[1]) on freenode for
anyone to ask tech questions and get a friendly, informed answer in
real-time. The site is aimed primarily at G1G1 donors and hobbyists and we
are well on our way to building a self-supporting community of users
positively contributing back to the OLPC project.

Already, hundreds of questions from users have been answered from wireless
connectivity to build upgrade questions to activity use and bug reporting.
If support questions come up for you or users you know, feel free to use the
forum forum, web chat or the email list as a resource:
community-support at lists.laptop.org

Other support information can be found at http://support.laptop.org/


[0] http://olpc.osuosl.org
[1] http://olpc.osuosl.org/chat

Michael Burns * Student
Open Source {Education} Lab
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