[sugar] Playing with IDEs

Bernardo Innocenti bernie
Tue Dec 25 18:28:31 EST 2007

Jeffrey Kesselman wrote:

> Now this isnt to say that a minimum resolution cant work in the same
> way it works on PCs... it works IF you can go full screen at that
> resolution and if the game can request that resolution.

It is impossible to provide a resolution other than the
physical one on an LCD display without going through some
kind of software scaling.

Either we decide today that Sugar and its activities will
only ever run on machines with 1200x900 displays, or we
ask developers to make their activities scalable *somehow*.
Which way seems more appealing to you?

Artifacts are not that much of an issue with today's high
DPI displays (and ours is really high!), true-color visuals,
and any half-decent scaling algo. Try xmame at weird scaling
factors to see what I mean.

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