[sugar] Strange behavior for Resume Video in Journal

Jake B otakuj462
Sun Dec 23 14:22:36 EST 2007

Hi, I'm using a G1G1 XO laptop, build 650, and I am trying to
determine whether certain behavior in Journal is as it should be, or
whether it is a bug. I have made a video using the Record activity,
and saved it to Journal using keep. I can now find it in Journal. I
can select it, and choose to Resume it, but Resume only allows me to
Resume it in the Browse activity. The Browse activity attempts to
download the video. When it finishes downloading, it asks me if I
would like to Open it. If I tell it to Open the video, nothing
happens. This does not seem like the correct workflow.
It seems like the correct behavior would be that Journal should allow
me to Resume my video in the Record activity.
Please let me know what you think. Thanks.


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