[sugar] Booting to text mode

Paul Kippes paul.wants.no.spam
Tue Dec 18 00:32:49 EST 2007

Yes, I did try that.  I imagine I'm doing something wrong.

In the end, I restored the laptop using the USB upgrade method.  I
never was able to connect to my home network using WPA-PSK.  Several
of us in the Dallas Python group purchased these and I'll talk to them
about it.  It was odd and frustrating, sometimes the network
neighborhood would see my SID, but most of the time it wouldn't.

However, it did turn out that the Wpa.sh script left off the left
bracket, ']', on my SID (perhaps I entered something incorrect).  And
that is why the network.cfg file wasn't being parsed correctly.


On Dec 17, 2007 10:55 AM, Chris Ball <cjb at laptop.org> wrote:
> Hi Paul,
>    > After the counting up period (clockwise sequence of 10 dots around
>    > the OLPC logo), the screen does blank. I can hit "I" on the 10th
>    > dot, right before the graphical switches back to text in order to
>    > get the prompt "Start 0-boot-anim-start (Yes, No, Continue)"
>    > Choosing 'I' continues to provide the response "JFFS2 notice: wrong
>    > data CRC in data node..." and the PC doesn't continue further.
> Ah, I see.  You should boot with the "check" (tick) game pad key held
> down, to turn off "pretty boot" and put you on the Linux tty.  Give that
> a try?
> - Chris.
> --
> Chris Ball   <cjb at laptop.org>

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