[sugar] Conf Call today for discussion of G1G1 Support, 2pm est

Kim Quirk kim
Mon Dec 17 12:37:18 EST 2007

Now that we have G1G1 recipients we would like to discuss ways to help
people get started and how to help answer all the questions that have begun
to hit via help at laptop.org, multiple IRC channels, forums,
community-support, etc.

Here are some ideas for agenda:

* Groupings of people: by media and by expertise
* How to find answers to questions
* How to answer people (nicely)
* How to handle unhappy people
* How to use tools to create a knowledge base

For calling in:
 From the United States
 From Outside the United States
    access code: 8069698

Thanks! (Note: there is no testing meeting at 1pm today)
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