[sugar] Builds and release process

Bernardo Innocenti bernie
Sat Dec 15 15:26:33 EST 2007

C. Scott Ananian wrote:

> All this said, I really think that running your own pilgrim instance
> will only slow down your development process unless you are (like
> marco and bernie) responsible for a large number of inter-related
> packages.  In general, RPM installing your modified packages on top of
> the latest joyride build is the recommended development process --
> it's a lot faster!

Building custom images is still the only option available to all
those developers who do not have shell accounts on dev.laptop.org,
or who want to steer the project in their own direction.

If just one out of one thousand G1G1 users were going to become
OLPC developers, the 1CC team would soon a tiny portion of a
much larger community.

It may seem far fetched right now, but Adam today was telling me
there already are a number of independent forums already
overflowing with technical questions and answers:


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