[sugar] joyride smoke test results?

Alexander M. Latham Alexander.M.Latham
Mon Dec 10 15:56:30 EST 2007

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Erik Blankinship wrote:
> A related question not yet answered on that wiki page:  What is the last
> known joyride that, for the most part, worked?

Wiki notes notwithstanding, 1395 is working for me.

Note that I did a clean install (square-key with usb autoreinstallation).

- --Ben
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There are some sugar rpms that are missing, which have caused a lot of activities to fail to launch, mostly becuase of Attribute errors. I believe our new build manager is aware of this, and is working on getting those rpms back into joyride.

Were you able to get browse or record to load? Those are two which won't load for me on 1394, which should be the same as 1395 based on the changelogs (http://dev.laptop.org/~bert/joyride-pkgs.html), but that's not for certain.

- AlexL

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