[sugar] Switching toolbars by hovering their tabs

Eduardo H Silva hoboprimate
Sat Dec 8 01:21:15 EST 2007

Currently you click tabs to switch the toolbars inside an activity. You
click a lot just to get access to all the tools you need to fully use an

So I had an idea, which tries to follow the Sugar mentality of revealing
objects details and options by just pointing the mouse cursor.

What if toolbars were switched when the mouse cursor stopped (or slowed)
over them and after some delay? (perhaps the same delay for primary palettes
to appear).
You could also implement toolbar scrubbing, in that after one toolbar is
activated this way, the other ones are activated with a lower delay (like it
already happens with buttons). This would allow the user to find the
button/option he wants among the various toolbars.

Having this option would remove the excessive clicking you have to do right
now just to see the tools, and leave that clicking for actual activity work.

Of course, clicking the tabs would still work to speed up their access, just
the same as clicking an activity in the home view works, and choosing it's
resume option from the hover palette also works.

What do you think?

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