[sugar] OLPC News 2007-12-01

Sameer Verma sverma
Thu Dec 6 02:31:06 EST 2007

Walter Bender wrote:


> 4. AC adapters: There has been a request for AC adapters that are
> rotated ninety degrees from the current configuration. In order to
> rotate the orientation of the prongs, the
>  width of the adapter must be extended (to satisfy the safety requirement).
>  As a result, six reoriented AC adapters will not fit abreast in the
> standard spacing
>  of a six-plug power strip. Mary Lou Jepsen and Fuse are investigating
> further; if we can not resolve the issue, we will not make AC adapters
> with a
>  rotated prong orientation.
Not sure what the reason is for making rotated prong design, but will
something like this address the spacing issue?



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