[sugar] The futur of the mesh view

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Wed Dec 5 02:24:22 EST 2007

> ... In a sense, by applying the search terms with AND by
> default means that "search within results" can be achieved by simply
> extending the search string.  Additionally, the filters can serve to
> narrow down the results, for instance by reducing a search for "games"
> to a search for "games that my friends are playing" or a search for
> "Bob" to "chats with people named Bob."

You are correct.  For myself, the mechanism of extending the search 
string feels "restrictive", in that having to specify a multi-term 
'search string' implies to me that the user already _knows_ (and is 
able to express) what it is that he is searching for.

Letting a search be "refined" in easy steps allows the user to 
change the criteria depending on "what is available".  If I don't 
already have Bob in mind, I think stepwise filtering is 'natural': 
(1) Q - What do I have time to do now?  A - "chat"
(2) Q - Whom don't I want to chat with?  A - "those sixth graders"
(3) Q - Who's left?  A - "Bob.  I want to ask him something"


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