[sugar] [patches] TurtleArt+Journal

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki
Thu Aug 30 03:17:58 EDT 2007

  Hi, Brian,

> >     - samples projects can be opened up via a samples button in a projects
> >     toolbar. For now this brings up a file dialog. Eventually this will
> >     bring up a collection of thumbnails. (the assumption is that samples
> >     don't belong in the journal)
> > 
> > 
> > Almost.  This has been a tricky question, for sure, and I suppose we 
> > haven't quite settled on a final solution. Our hope is to make any such 
> > for of "open" more of an initialization and not a persistently available 
> > option.  Along those lines, the child would have the option to select 
> > either an example or an empty project when creating a new instance, but 
> > after that choice they would have to instantiate a new object to choose 
> > another.
> >
> Somehow this doesn't seem ideal. There are times were you want to 
> quickly browse through a collection of projects. Cases include when 
> you're first getting started and when you want to check out some sort of 
> collection of some kind, perhaps of old work you or a friend has done. 
> Of course you can do this one at a time but it feels like it would be 
> better to be able to present collections.
> Perhaps there needs to be a mechanism to start activities from web pages 
> or some other activity with flexible presentation capabilities. Some way 
> where a collection can be put together in an ordered way. Metadata in 
> the journal could be a choice, but the journal activity has limited 
> ability to present groups of thumbnails. (e.g. no way to have a grid of 
> them)

  The Etoys team has similar concern:


  We have multiple examples, and other form of help documents that we
would rather like to bring in from a file.  Also, we would like to
hyper-link our documents (right now called projects), to create a
series of presentation slides.

  If we can have a nice model for such use cases, that would be very

-- Yoshiki

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