[sugar] multiple gtk.Windows hide() and show()

Gonzalo Odiard godiard
Mon Aug 27 17:40:40 EDT 2007

I have the same problem (can't set z-order, picking a piece) using
I think this a common problem for a lot of applications.


2007/8/27, Carlos Neves <cn at sueste.net>:
> Dan Winship wrote:
> > Erik Blankinship wrote:
> >
> >> Let me explain what I am trying to achieve: I am creating a "picture in
> >> a picture effect" (using XV in a window, amongst other windows).  GTK
> >> doesn't play well with overlapping widgets, and gtk.Fixed() doesn't
> >> guarantee Z-order.  So I am using a stack of gtk.Windows without
> >> decoration to achieve the desired effect, but the appearance is that
> >> everything looks like a nice gtk layout.
> >>
> >
> > Sorry, got confused by your description; I thought you were trying to
> > change stacking on the fly by swapping transient-fors around.
> >
> > But anyway, you still have the problem that "transient for" doesn't
> > actually mean anything having to do with stacking. (In fact, the ICCCM
> > lists a bunch of things a window manager might do differently with
> > transient windows, but stacking order isn't one of them.) So (1) setting
> > transient-for on a window won't necessarily affect its stacking, and (2)
> > it may affect it in ways other than stacking. (Eg, matchbox appears to
> > assume that any window that has WM_TRANSIENT_FOR set is a dialog box.)
> >
> > So your best bet is probably to make your own version of gtk.Fixed that
> > does have a guaranteed Z-order, rather than trying to bend the wm to
> > your will.
> >
> > Marco says "I seem to remember blizzard wrote something like that for
> > mozilla gtk2". You *might* also be able to get gtk.Fixed to work just by
> > calling raise()/lower() on the child widgets' GdkWindows to stack them
> > the way you want within the Fixed. (Or just by being sure to show() them
> > in bottom-to-top order.)
> >
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> I hate to be the guy that starts the "I need that too" thread, but,
> well, I could use Fixed with zorder...
> In an activity I'm developing, Jigsaw (you can check it out, it's on
> olpc's git) I use Fixed to manage the jigsaw pieces. Now, this presents
> a lot more work for the machine than the 'Draw your canvas' approach,
> but also makes the code 1000 times simpler to to and manage.
> But I needed to move the piece being picked up to front, and the only
> way I could do this, short of writing my own Fixed version, was to
> unparent and readd the piece to the container. This has some side
> effects, made the dragging fail so I ended up doing that on piece
> release (looks funny sometimes but it works).
> Of course this is only good to move the widget to the very top of the
> stack, you can't really set a specific position in the z axis...
> I guess that cloning and extending gtk.Fixed should not be too hard, I
> just never got around to do it. I did a lot of specialized window
> managers in Java in the past, and it really wasn't that hard... I just
> don't have the time right now to take a go at this (and that is a good
> thing :) )
> Just my 5 euro cents.
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> Carlos Neves
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