[sugar] Sharing data between activities.

Eben Eliason eben.eliason
Fri Aug 24 10:01:40 EDT 2007

> Heh, you always make things sound so logical and obvious :)
> Ok, so the suggested workflow has a somewhat deeper change than I had
> envisioned yesterday. You say that a half completed puzzle should not
> need to have it's picture changed.
> Granted, that makes sense, but while searching for the correct image I
> may try multiple ones, so what I do with a timer is detecting a game
> action (moving a piece) to start it automatically, which is perfect to
> remove the button for opening a new image...

Well, you could even leave the "choose an image" button all the time.
 Technically speaking it's something one could do.  Someone might even want
to if they have worked on a drawing more since yesterday and just want to
update the image a bit.  I was mostly arguing that, while possible, this
task is likely rare, and so it shouldn't require extra screen real estate
which would better suit the puzzle-doing.  If you just have a button which
let's them select an image at any time, that's fine.

Open a puzzle, get a popup asking for the image (through the Journal),
> show the image in the puzzle. A button to 'Select another' is presented.
> Start working on the puzzle, the 'Select another' disappears.
> Drop an image on a new puzzle loads that image.
> But what if you drop an image on a running puzzle? Do I:
> - save the current state and open the new image
> - request that a new instance is spawned (will I be allowed to?)
> - ignore the drop.
> - Open the new image as if the puzzle activity had been started anew.

What do you think would best fit the intended UI workflow?

I'd change one thing up front, which is the requirement that they pick an
image in order to play at all.  I would choose one really solid default,
perhaps something representing MaMaMedia itself, and make that the image on
the puzzle to begin with so that they can engage with it as soon as the
activity starts.  Leave a button in the toolbar for selecting a new image at
any time, with the expectation that they will likely do this rarely, and
usually near the beginning stages of the puzzle.

If they do drag'n'drop or select a new image, I would just update the image
but keep the puzzle in its current state.  Like I mentioned, updating a
photo or something could be a use case for this, so your first option sounds
like the best one.  In any case, also offer a "solve" and a "scramble"
button in the toolbar so they can restart it if they want to. (I imagine you
have something like this already.)

How does that sound?
- Eben
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