[sugar] Privately-owned data on XOs?

Jon Phillips jon
Fri Aug 24 01:38:30 EDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-08-24 at 01:06 -0400, Samuel Klein wrote:
> From the ongoing discussion on sharing data across activities:
> | Why not make this the default state of sharable files that ship with
> | an activity, and encourage activities to explicitly store sharable
> | files in an appropriate directory?  I'm not clear on why we want to
> | make it difficult for activities to flag their contents as
> | world-readable.  Is there a counter-use case?
> More fundamentally:
> Why do we believe there should be privately-owned data on XOs?
> Many parts of the system become simpler when anyone can read anything
> by default.
> SJ and Michael

Regardless, there is a patch sitting here at CC (just finished) for
adding CC license functionality to OLPC...gotta get that in
tomorrow...that's right, CC license support and some basic support for
sharing ready to go in the journal, but usable across the system.

I think however that the system should allow for privacy. Can you
imagine some kid using this for their own personal notes about growing
up, etc? Man, how akward for that to be world-readable...or how about a
crush or something? This thing should support what all the grownups
get... :)

Anyway, the CC license functionality hopefully helps along this
path...hound us with emails to get this in tomorrow :) 

Scott, anything to add?


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