[sugar] Sharing data between activities.

Eben Eliason eben.eliason
Thu Aug 23 21:53:43 EDT 2007

> I think you're attempting to solve a non-problem, however. The
> activity installation system will take care of not downloading (and
> not storing) duplicate information, based on file hashes. Making
> three activities that all incorporate the same shared files is
> sufficient; the OS will make sure no space is being wasted by storing
> multiple copies. If you really want to manage things yourself, you'll
> need to package up all three activities as one activity whose
> frontend is the launcher.

Actually, we're avoiding the launcher system in general, including the
concept of "intro screens" which brach a single activity instance into a
number of pseudo-independent ones. The self-contained bundle structure was
chosen for a number of reasons, and despite the possibility of some shared
data taking up extra space (though it seems even that may be taken care of),
it makes things a lot simpler. Foremost, we explicitly want to avoid
dependencies between bundles; no activity should ever require the presence
of another to run.

- Eben
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