[sugar] Updating an activity with a .xo file

Eben Eliason eben.eliason
Wed Aug 22 13:59:42 EDT 2007

This is an interesting question.  We're so used to overwriting old versions
with new ones, but it's not quite so simple.  In an environment where we'd
like kids to be able to create, modify, and redistribute activities, I Alice
wouldn't want Bobby's technically newer version of the Paint activity to
overwrite her "real" copy.  I'm not sure the details of the bundle
versioning system, but it should handle this case somehow.  There's also the
possibility of backwards/forwards compatibility, which is best to maintain
as much as possible, but might not always be so simple (especially since
formats and protocols might have to change when adding collaboration, etc.).
 There's some possibility that old documents can only open with an older
activity, right?
In either case, it seems we should automatically install the new version,
but I'm not sure if it should overwrite the old, unless perhaps it has the
same signature?  Even then?

- Eben

On 8/22/07, Keith R. Fieldhouse <olpc at rexmere.com> wrote:
> This may be a silly question, but I wasn't able to find an answer on the
> Wiki on the mail archives.
> What is the best way to update a previously installed activity?  Right
> now sugar-install-bundle works with a .xo file quite nicely.  But, if a
> new .xo is created there isn't, as far as I can tell, an easy way to
> install it over the previous one.
> Am I missing something obvious?  Or is it really a matter of manually
> deleting the activity and re-running sugar-install-bundle.  I've tried
> incrementing the version in my activity.info but that didn't seem to
> help.  Is there some path other than sugar-install-bundle that's better.
> Again, my apologies if this is a silly question.
> Keith
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