[sugar] How to try TamTam - noob questions (sorry!)

imm ian
Sun Aug 19 11:41:03 EDT 2007


Sorry for the noise - the following questions are probably all  
embarrassingly obvious to every one but me. And this is probably the  
wrong list to ask on anyway...

But here goes: First, my state so far.

My wife's a music educator, working with younger kids, and I am  
trying to get TamTam running for her to try out. My initial idea was  
to make it as much like the XO environment as I could manage, so I  
installed FC7 on an old ITX PC I had, then used sugar-jhbuild update/ 
build/run to get a working "XO" running in Xephyr. This seems to have  
been largely successful.
However, the default sugar-jhbuild checkout does not include TamTam,  
so I then git cloned TamTam from the repo and manually copied that  
into a TamTam.activity folder in my built tree.
When I run my "XO" I see the TamTam icon, but launching it (usually)  
the icon appears and pulses, with a tooltip that says "Starting..."  
pretty much indefinitely. No activity appears, and there is no sound.
Sometimes, the icon stops pulsing then disappears, and the speakers  
start buzzing. No activity appears.

Clearly, then, I am doing something wrong. Now, some questions.

- I had a trawl around the wiki before I started this. I didn't find  
any instructions to get this working - is it (as I suspect) there and  
I just missed it? If so, where, please?

- If I start TamTam from the developer console using sugar-activity,  
I get roughly the same behaviour, but I also see that TamTam is  
complaining it can't load the sounds. Which is fair enough, as I  
don't seem to have them. I don't see the sound files in the git tree  
either - where do I get them? (Actually, I think I saw something  
about this in my wiki/mailinglist reading earlier, but can not now  
find the reference...)

- I'm using the csound that's on my machine - should I be getting an  
olpc specific csound from the repo and using that? If so, how do I  
install it in my build tree?

- Would I be better off just trying to run TamTam "natively" on the  
linux box? If so, pointers as to how to do that would be very welcome  
(although I'd prefer the sugar setup if possible.)

(drifting OT now)

- When I run sugar-jhbuild build, I get errors flagged at build (and  
install) of libabiword-plugins, and errors flagged installing chat- 
activity - is this normal? I assume it is because the master tree is  
in constant flux and I just caught it at a bad time?

- Is it possible to (e.g.) set git checkout stable and get sugar- 
jhbuild to checkout and use the last stable tree rather than the  
changeable master tree? (I know nothing about jhbuild, or how it does  
what it does - seems quite impressive though!) Would that be a better  
way to go, or is the master tree the preferred set to be working with?

Right - well that was longer than I intended. Please be gentle when  
telling me I'm an idiot and have missed some really obvious reference...


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