[sugar] Native code activity and DBus

Keith R. Fieldhouse olpc
Fri Aug 10 18:11:07 EDT 2007

I have an activity the bulk of which is native code.  In the past I 
exce'd the code from a Python activity stub and used the Gtk Socket/Plug 
stuff to embed  my native window properly.  This however, gave me some 
event wonkiness.

In reviewing the Wiki I learned about the "exec" termn in my 
activity.info.    I've got my own factory now, passing sugarBundleId and 
sugarActivityId properly.  With these I set the X11 Window properties 

The problem is when I start my activity, my Icon gets placed in the 
circle on the home screen and my app starts and appears to work.  If I 
return to the home screen, though, there's a second "circle" icon that 
appears to be the one connected to the app.  What I consider the real 
app icon is still throbbing.   I must select the circle Icon to return 
to my app.

One thing that I haven't done, is register my app with DBus.  Is this 
why my icons appear confused?  Or have I done something wrong?  I intend 
to implement a DBus registration (is there an example activity that does 
the minimum necessary here?) but I'm curious as to what effect that will 

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions you might have...


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