[sugar] [patches] TurtleArt+Journal

Lincoln Quirk lincoln
Fri Aug 10 13:12:30 EDT 2007

Regarding TurtleArt. Background: over the past few weeks I've been
sugarizing TA, adding the sugar toolbar, journal integration, and
removing the load/save/new buttons on the UI (which would pop up GTK
load/save boxes; no longer necessary.) 

However, TurtleArt has a lot of samples that come with it, which are
useful in learning how to use it. 

Removing the load/save dialogs also removed any way to get to the
samples, and Brian and I were wondering on the best way to replace the
UI for them.

> >On Tue, Jul 31, 2007 at 05:28:47PM -0400, Brian Silverman wrote:
> >>I tried out the patches and have a (perhaps silly) question. How can I 
> >>get at the sample projects??

> Lincoln Quirk wrote:
> >Well, you can't, anymore. This is an effect of removing any way to get
> >to the open and save dialog. I don't know what would be a good way of
> >exposing the samples to the user would be, except for providing that
> >open dialog again (maybe with a 'load sample project' label). A better
> >solution might be to construct another UI frame to allow the user to
> >load a sample, but that is a lot of work.
On Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 07:54:56AM -0400, Brian Silverman wrote:
> We may have some time here to deal with this issue. Likely we'll want to 
> do something like add another toolbar that brings back the lost 
> functionality. I haven't found any documentation describing how to do 
> this. Is there anything written. If not what code should I be looking at 
> to try to figure this out.

Any ideas?


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