[sugar] Develop activity (Oops...)

Andrew L. Clunis andrew
Mon Aug 6 20:21:51 EDT 2007

----- "Ryan Pavlik" <abiryan at ryand.net> wrote:
> It may interest you to know that the AbiWord folks are still 
> concentrating on the AbiWord as a rich-text widget idea - I think Marc
> is doing work on it still (he committed a partially-working Develop 
> plugin some time ago and has been working on AbiWord + Collab stuff
> for 
> OLPC since), and we also have a Summer of Code student working on the
> libabiword issues.  As our Collab wheel has already been 
> re-invented/refactored, I'd suggest that continued wheel reinvention 
> might be a misuse of limited resources.

Yeah, I should have clarified that I knew about this, and hence
wanted to stick with Abi.  In fact, I basically asked for the feature,
and Ivan added it to the Abi guys list of stuff to get done.

> Ryan

Andrew Clunis

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