[sugar] Linux commands that do not work in the XO shell

MBurns maburns
Fri Aug 3 19:24:41 EDT 2007

On 8/3/07, ankita prasad <prasad.ankita at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have been playing with an XO and some linux commands such as modprobe,
> ifconfig don't seem to be working. i get a command not found error.

Ifconfig is indeed installed. What build are you on?

-bash-3.2#which ifconfig

-bash-3.2# which modprobe

Also how do you get one of these machine to start accessing internet.

In Sugar, you can go to the mesh view (F1) and any Triangle object you see
is an Access Point to which you can click to associate to.

At the terminal, you can use something like

# ifconfig eth0 essid "your-network-name"
# dhclient eth0

This should not be necesary. Sugar's network (use build 541, if you can) is
quite functional in recent builds. Let me know if these notes aren't clear,
I suspect the wiki might have clearer directions.

The XO is in a wireless network.

Yes it is, onto itself and any other XO within range.

So do i need to run a command to get it working.

You need to explicitly associate to an AP. Otherwise it will default to
connecting to the Mesh, which is really only useful if you have another XO
around to play with.

Michael Burns * Intern
One Laptop Per Child
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