[sugar] sugar-jhbuild, Fedora Core 6 and Python 2.5

Keith R. Fieldhouse olpc
Thu Aug 2 11:33:27 EDT 2007


After a month or two hiatus, I wanted to refresh my sugar-jhbuild 
environment, starting with a fresh git-clone.

My development environment is a Fedora Core 6 system.

I find now that sugar-jhbuild says that Python 2.5 is a dependency when 
I attempt a "sugar-jhbuild build".

What is the best way to resolve this?

1. Build my own Python 2.5 and make sure it's visible to sugar-jhbuild?
2. Upgrade to Fedora Core 7 (fairly easy since this is all virtualized 
for me)
3. Convince sugar-jhbuild to build a python 2.5 for me (though 
meta-sugar-base seems to be gone?)

I'm most interested in understanding the mainstream/expected answer that 
will make it easiest to track the sugar-jhbuild environment in the future.


Keith Fieldhouse

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