[sugar] Integration with web apps (and Moodle specifically!)

Ivan Krstić krstic
Mon Sep 4 19:34:36 EDT 2006

Ian Bicking wrote:
> Brett Cannon has been doing some work on a Python interpreter that has
> limited capabilities; i.e., the entire interpreter is hobbled so it
> can't open files or do anything to effect the system

I'm familiar with Brett's work, but it's a mid-term solution, not a
short-term one. Ben Laurie did this for Perl with CAPerl (he actually
looked at Python first, but was told by the community that there's no
interest in the work, apparently), and I'm satisfied by his results, so
there's good reason to believe that we'll be able to take and use
Brett's work when it's ready.

> anything we can do to make untrusted Python code possible also could be
> helpful as an introductory environment where children can safely
> experiment with little danger of causing problems with their system.


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