[sugar] Abiword on the OLPC?

msevior@physics.unimelb.edu.au msevior
Sat Oct 21 06:15:20 EDT 2006

> On 10/20/06, Jim Gettys <jg at laptop.org> wrote:
>> Our primary focus in the long term is to use a wiki-based collaborative
>> editing system, currently in design.
> While a realtime system in the form of a native text editor (See:
> SubEthaEdita on OS X, and others) is an ideal way to get kids to
> collaborate, if a wiki-based system has been chosen, I'll look forward to
> helping with that as it becomes available.

Hi Michael,
           I should also have pointed this out. Abiword is currently
developing an advanced real-time collaborative feature similar
to sub-ethaedit, but far more capable. Check out the following
blog entries, wiki's and articles we have written about
AbiCollab, (this feature).


Plus a rather outdated twiki describing the internet lag correction


Have a look at the animated GIF Marc put together to show AbiCollab to get
a feel for it or just build CVS HEAD AbiWord together with the AbiCollab
plugin and try it.

I'm now rather confident we're very much on the right track. Internet lag
correction works very well, as does GLOBing (complex operations like
inserting and deleting a table involving many atomic operations) as does

We've focussed on getting webservice to support this feature up and
running as well connections via users own jabber accounts.

What we need for OLPC is to incorporate automatic presence detection to
allow kids to easily find each other when in range. If you're interested
in this feature we'd love to hear from you.

Drop by gimpnet#abiword on IRC if you like to chat.



> That being said, abiword's capabilities as a light-weight Microsoft Word
>> display program (and, for the moment, editor) is very attractive.
> Indeed. It's interface is quite complex, but it has a great bit of
> usefulness that comes with it.
> If you want to scratch the itch it really fast, and can get us an RPM of
>> current abiword "sugarized" by Monday, we'd be more than happy; even
>> happier, if it is the version that was .  Even if you don't, we'll may
>> throw onto the distribution as is temporarily, just so we have something
>> in the image that can display .doc files and serve as a place holder for
>> editing.
> We will look into getting the "sugarized" abiword code, and see if we can
> make something happen with it. A long shot, but will be fun to try.
> Given the weight and complexity of Abirword, a more simplistic and
> Python-written editor still seems to have an attractive option. With the
> notable functionality of it being easily expanded and integrated with
> other
> Sugar Acitivities. More specifically, I envisioned this editor's engine to
> be able to serve as the basis for other Activity's text input (ie. the
> chat
> and IM program's input can be spell-checked or formatted by using the Text
> Editor Activity engine).
> If the OLPC is planning a more web-based interface, with collaboration and
> UIs being presented in the form of natively hosted webpages, most of the

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