[sugar] Initial commit of abicandy.py

msevior@physics.unimelb.edu.au msevior
Tue Nov 28 09:28:57 EST 2006

Hi everyone,
            I've just made an initial commit of abicandy.py. It's located in
the abiword cvs tree in the module "pyabiword" at:


To run it, just type abicandy.py after building the bindings (in pyabiword).

This simple application wraps the abiwidget provided by the python
bindings to give something like the mockup requested by the OLPC group.
There are many things that need fixing.

1. It use gtk_stock icons - we need a fancy way to replace them with the
nice, big tango icons used in the last set of rpms.

2. It flickers on focus/defocus

3. The text doesn't fill the entire screen. There is some bug in the
drawing widget calculation I need to investigate.

4. The icons don't change sensitivity on context.

5. We need additional code to turn it into a sugar activity. Could jirwin
provide this?

But is does provide a good basis for further work and fixes.



PS. Here is a screen shot at


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